To simply put, it doesn’t matter to which category your website belongs to if you think you have the products that the user would like to buy in a pair and you can suggest matching recommendations that can make a difference then you should use our plugin.

If your website contains any of the following inventories then this plugin is for you:

  • Jewelry

If you have a jewellery website then the following features will be useful to you. Ring Builder Feature and Price Control (read more about it below). Ring builder is all about enabling your website visitor to create their own ring, while price control will help the seller to update prices quickly in bulk.

  • Clothing

If your website is all about clothes and textile industry, you can use our Pair Maker Feature of the plugin. So the user can select clothes according to their choice and preferences based on the admin recommendations.

  • Electronics Accessories

If your website is all about electronics and accessories, you can use Guidance Tool Feature of our plugin. So the user can choose the electronic items with other matching accessories like buying a smartphone with suitable headphones.

  • Fashion Products

If your website is selling products related to fashion, you can use Guidance Tool Feature of our plugin, which enables users to choose fashion products with a matching product contrasting with color and design.

  • Furniture

If you are selling products like home furnishing and home decoration on your website, you can use Guidance Tool Feature of our plugin to enable users to choose the home decorative items in matching sets, which leads users to furnish their home themselves.

  • Cosmetics

If your website contains cosmetics and beauty products, then using our plugin lets the user to easily shop over products including skin care, hair care, makeup and nail colors according to the user’s body nature and in contrast with another beauty products.

What is Price Control?

Price Control is a feature which we have recently added in our plugin WBC. It saves you a whole lot of time by allowing to edit price and different attributes of all the products at once. So you don’t have to waste your time updating each product one by one.